I was from an alcoholic family

I’m sure other people out there can relate to this. It is very hard, especially when you’re a kid. It’s not your fault, you didn’t do anything wrong. But you always felt like you did, at least I did. I felt that I should be a better daughter, cause no trouble, be ready to take over the chores, help raise the kids, be the responsible one… I thought the dysfunction in my family was my fault, if I would only be a better daughter then maybe they would love me. That’s a child’s viewpoint. Now as an adult I’m saddened that I missed out on a normal childhood.

I started writing. It helped me cross many hurdles.

Read On….visit my site. I’ve written fictional books, history books, and award winning ASBA curriculum. I am a self-published author.  My best selling book is Jurassic Time Riders.

The 2nd best seller is a historical non-fiction – a history book with genealogical tracing of area Southern Illinois families.  Memoirs of a French Village; Chronicles of Prairie du Rocher, Old Kaskaskia and the French Triangle has been purchase by libraries.

I am happy you have visited me. I hope you find something meaningful here.

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