Shapeshifter Mountain e-book

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shapeshifter mountain

Jonas Bale’s Indian wife and children are murdered. On the trail of the murderers he encounters a fearful dog fleeing from something frightening. Troubled by what he experiences Jonas seeks advice from Dezba a medicine man, who says oral history tells of a legend of man-made terrestrial beasts created by ancient beings who once lived on earth. Shapeshifters, as they are called, are extremely dangerous. Jonas meets twenty year old Rebecca Hagan who has come west after receiving a letter from a military tribunal concerning her father but soon learns her father is dead. Rebecca chooses to stay in Arizona, as it is the first time she has had something to call her very own. Jonas is attracted to Rebecca but the shapeshifting beasts, at war with him, kidnap her in an attempt to lure Jonas to their lair to kill him. He travels deep into their mountain but finds rescuing Rebecca much more dangerous than he expects. Rebecca fights, determined to live, and in the process they find love, security and mutual respect.
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