Skinwalker Yee Naldlooshii – The Ancient Enemy

Skinwalker, Yee Naaldlooshii – The Ancient Enemy

Skinwalker, Yee Naaldlooshii – The Ancient Enemy, is an action packed adventure novel about a young NSA agent, Alex McCallister, who finds himself battling something he never thought existed – a Skinwalker, even though he is half-Navajo. As a child he’d been told of this creature, but never believed a Skinwalker was real believing it was a campfire story told to scare kids. Alex is transferred to Arizona after a number of violent murders occur in Santa Cruz County. NSA is involved because their suspect, Dr. Dennis Garmin, and his Garamine Laboratory are implicated in international espionage. Three months after their arrival, Alex’s young wife, Yvette, is horrendously murdered. He has no choice but to believe what killed her was a Skinwalker since he’d seen it himself on surveillance as a cat-like creature, something he had previously seen only in his dreams. He has no choice but to believe this creature killed Yvette because of him. While out revenge hunting the creature, Alex is nearly trapped by this shapeshifter, if it were not for a lost German shepherd dog that befriends him and saves him from disaster. Alex travels with the dog to Colorado to see his Uncle John Charlie, a Navajo, in order to seek his advice. While there, Alex goes through a traditional sweat under the guidance of John and experiences a powerful vision of a terrible creature who enters his mind. The creature tries lure Alex into believing it is his guide. Alex rejects that thought then hears its raspy voice say: “So, you think you know me? You know nothing, but you will.” Rightfully, Alex is terrified. John explains to him the beast is a Skinwalker, one of high power, a former medicine man consumed by dark powers. McCallister comes away with a whole new perspective and understanding of this supernatural man-beast. He now knows it is a very real threat to him and everyone he knows. John tells Alex he will need the help of his true spiritual guide, the wolf, to defeat this terrible enemy but that the dog that befriended him in the wilderness, is the wolf in the guise of a dog. It has already saved him from this creature. John reminds Alex that the dog will continue to protect him and as his true animal guide he is a gift. Alex meets Lacey Greene and is instantly deeply attracted to her but terrified she will be the next target of the vicious Skinwalker. His friend, Sam Jennings, who works for Lacey Greene’s father, William Greene, is hauling food, medicine and mining supplies up to Durazno, a silver mining community he won in a poker game. Greene is known as a business man who bribes and cheats people out of their land. Alex travels to Durazno to help his friend, Jennings, hope the skinwalker will follow him. When they arrive, they find more than they bargained for, all the residents of the tiny silver mining town are dead. When the police arrived the next day along with William Greene, Alex, Jennings, Lacey and her cousin Shannon, the Skinwalker continues with more vicious murders. Alex surely must find a way to kill this thing before it destroys everything he has ever cared about. He has to, there is simply no choice.


ISBN 9780359579129

Copyright S.M. Krantz (Standard Copyright License)

Edition First Edition

Publisher Phoenixcosmopolitan LLC

Printed by Lulu, in United States

Published April 12, 2019

Language English

Pages 326

Binding Perfect-bound

Paperback Interior Ink Black & white

Weight1.21 lbs.

Dimensions (inches) 6 wide x 9 tall

Product ID24061565

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